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Takemoto continues his journey towards Hokkaido, and takes a rest at a shop where the elderly owner feeds him. Her story of her trip to Los Angeles reminds Takemoto of where he hasn’t gone, and how his father never got to leave Japan. He spots a red train that he remembers his father calling the North Star, one which they never got to ride together. He chases it until the bicycle crashes down an incline. Laying in the grass, Takemoto wonders about the meaning of their lives, and gains motivation to continue on. He eventually reaches the northernmost point of Japan and realizes that all he had to do was pedal forward to get there. Deciding that it was time to go home, Takemoto returns to Tokyo and finds Hagu-chan sleeping with a fever. He takes her hand and she welcomes him back. Hanamoto-sensei walks in to find them holding hands while fast asleep. The next day, Takemoto is welcomed back by everyone. His claim that he came back without finding answers still manages somehow to impress his professors. The girls want to throw a party, but Takemoto suggests that they go to a festival instead. Morita then arrives and passes Takemoto some soap, so Takemoto goes to wash up. It’s during this time that Hanamoto-sensei, Mayama, and Morita see how much Takemoto has changed and how much stronger he is now. At the festival, Takemoto realizes through his conversation with Hagu-chan that the purpose of him leaving was to find out how important the things he was leaving behind were. Knowing this, he confesses to Hagu-chan, but she can only thank him for returning home. Takemoto understands that living life and moving forward is the way to go. He also can’t hear the sound of the empty fridge anymore and continues on with his life knowing that maybe someday they’ll find what they couldn’t that one day.

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Episode 23