"Opera of the Stars"
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Volume 10
Release date May 2003[1]
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"Opera of the Stars" (星のオペラ) is a short story written and illustrated by Chica Umino. It was first published in the magazine, Comic Cue, and later republished in the tenth volume of Honey and Clover.

The story follows Haru, a foundling, living on a planet with a tribe called "Igloo". Haru has a reoccurring dream, which he finds the meaning of while attending Space University.


"Opera of the Stars" was published in vol. 300 of Comic Cue (9784872573527) in May 2003. The premise of the issue was multiple artists writing stories around gadgets from Doraemon. Chica Umino in particular used "ankipan",[2] which is also called "memory bread". The bread is placed over a piece of writing and eaten, so that the words enter the brain.[3]




A human "foundling" boy adopted by two members of the Igloo Tribe, after being found on their planet. He is often teased by others his age, because of his circumstances. Haru is also extremely gifted and invented many things to help the Igloo tribe during their daily life. The whole tribe chips in to help send him to Space University, where he meets a Japanese girl from Earth. He finds the meaning of his reoccurring dream after learning her language. His dream is actually a letter that his parents wrote, telling him how his parents put him in a pod to save his life after their ship failed and that his real name is Taro. Harutaro later becomes a doctor and moves back to Igloo with the girl, who he marries. They have a son, who Papaweego also helps take care of.

Papaweego and Mamalinka

Haru's adoptive parents, who were unable to have any children of their own. They and the rest of the tribe are anthropomorphic dogs, significantly shorter then Haru. Mamalinka dies of scarlet fever and Papaweego made a carving of her out of wood, which he gives to Haru. Papaweego lives with Haru and his family, when Haru finishes university.

Mink and Monkuu

They are childhood friends of Haru's. Mink is loving and kind towards Haru, while Monkuu starts to bully him for being a "foundling". Mink and Monkuu later marry and have a baby named Uluru, who they take to Haru's clinic.


A Japanese girl from Earth, who Haru meets at Space University. She was a freshman and studied the history of minority ethnic cultures. Aiko and Haru spend a lot of time together, and eventually he learns her language which helps him realize his dream. She moves to Igloo with Haru and they have a son. She always wears glasses and her hair styled in ponytails and a side ponytail.


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