Rika Harada
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Name in Japanese
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Gender Female
Age Late 20s / Early 30s
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Rika is the founder and manager of Harada Design. She also ran it with her husband until he died in a car accident that happened on the opening night of one of the stores they designed. This accident also left her badly scarred on her back, and has damaged her legs so she is unable to walk for long periods without the help of a cane and medicine. During college, Rika Egami (江上 理花 Egami Rika?) had been known for being a talented artist, but also very cold and aloof. Harada, Rika's eventual husband, befriended her and she began to live in the apartment Harada and Shūji shared. The three were very close friends and continued to live together until Harada and Rika got married and founded Harada Design. She is from the city of Otaru in Hokkaidō. When Professor Hanamoto believes that his presence will hinder Rika's recovery, he sends Mayama to help her, believing that Mayama would be the least likely to intrude on other people's business. However, as Mayama tends to Rika's injuries, he develops feelings for her. Rika knows that Mayama likes her, but pushes Mayama away because she doesn't want to hurt him. It was unclear whether Rika reciprocates the feelings that Mayama has for her, but later chapters of the manga and the first episodes of the second series seem to imply that she does. Later in the series, it appears that Rika finally opens her heart to Mayama after a shock ending sequence where Mayama's feelings finally flood out.

Appearance Edit

Rika is petite and pale, with countless scars on her body that was caused by the accident with Harada, her husband. Due to the accident, she's unable to walk properly and have to rely on a walking stick.

She has dark red eyes, her hair is short and are usually grey in color but interestingly in some conditions, under intense lighting her hair turns into blonde.

  • As a founder of a company, she usually wears formal outfit - white dress shirt and dark blue coat, with sleeves rolled up to above wrists level, long skirt and thick high heels.
Rika Appearance 1

Rika, with her usual outfit.